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Nonivasive prevention of colorectal cancer
Authors: Shemerovskii K.A.
Keywords: colorectal cancer, prevention, chronoenterography, bradyenteria.

Abstract. Main advantages of preno- sological approach for prevention the cancer of colon are the following: non-invasive and harmless. Primary prevention of occurrence of tumors by the early diagnosis of main risk factor for colorectal cancer — functional colorectal coprostasis — is significantly more effective than colonoscopies prevention of mortality from colorectal cancer. Noninvasive method of chronoenterography is a guarantee availability prenosological approach for all segments of the population compared to the expensive method of colonoscopy. Harmlessness prenosological approach excludes those possible complications of colonoscopy as bleeding, perforation and even fatal outcomes. Prenosological approach has very important advantages for the prevention of colon cancer. 


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