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Psychosomatics and self-regulation

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About Psychotherapy Psychosomatics. The algorithm works in the mode of
Authors: Zuykova N. L.
Keywords: psychotherapy, psychosomatic medicine, psychosomatosis, body-oriented methods, integrative psychotherapy, bio- sociospiritual paradigm.

Abstract: report presents the experience in somatic network and a base for clearer accentuation of a "Psychotherapy Psychosomatics” format. There are formulated the main principles of its effectiveness, which consist, at first, in a "teamwork" and a resource-responsibility of the three co-operating "players": a patient, an internist and a psychotherapist. The second principle is the use of integrative and clinical refracted psychotherapy, reasonable combined with pharmacotherapy and body-oriented technics. The third principle is the therapeutic compliance and support for health-improving life style, that is closely linked to general education and psychoeducational work for the awareness of physicians, helping professions’ specialists and public about the possibilities of psychotherapy in the treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of psychosomatosis. There is also presented a psychotherapy’ algorithm in the form of the author’s modality of "Clinical Psychosomatic psychotherapy" (CPsP), which identifies a number of specific and successful psychotherapy finds, taking into account the clinical and psychological characteristics of psychosomatic patients and to optimize the course and prognosis. 


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